Through all the years of our existence we have been led by a number of very dedicated and public spirited individuals who have voluntarily shared their time, vision and expertise in guiding the Institute. They have been supported by a large number of members, too many to mention, but without whose efforts our success would have been far from assured.

Years Name
2015-17 Sheri Thompson, PQS
2014-15 Craig Bye, PQS(F)
2013-15 Christopher Court, PQS(F)
2012-13 Pat Cantin, PQS
2010-12 Jeff Logan, PQS(F)
2008-10 Bruno Pilieci
2006-08 Ian Duncan, PQS(F)
2005-06 Anthony Huxley, PQS(F)
2003-05 William Nichols, PQS(F)
2001-03 Clint Kissoon, PQS(F)
1999-01 Peter Barnes, PQS  *
1998-99 David Ranta, PQS(F)
1997-98 William Nichols, PQS(F)
1996-97 Melvin Yungblut, PQS(F)
1994-96 Gerard McCabe, PQS(F)
1992-94 Joseph Pendlebury, PQS(F)
1990-92 Robert Geerts, PQS(F)
1989-90 Linn Marron-Marshall, PQS(F)
1988-89 Willam J. Hunter, PQS(F)
1985-88 Frank Helyar, PQS(F)  *
1983-85 Alan J. Ross, PQS  *
1982-83 Paul Cocker, PQS(F)
1981-82 Neil Short
1978-81 Eric Foster, PQS(F)  *
1976-78 Norman Matthews, PQS(F)
1974-76 Gordon D. Pattison, PQS(F)  *
* Deceased